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Are you looking for your own color?Search by color


Blend: the new collection that creates a dialogue between talent and creativity

16 June 2020

Creativity and talent are strongly interconnected concepts, but they are not synonyms. They must be able to operate in perfect synergy to create something truly extraordinary.

In the case of Besana CarpetLab, the epitome of this fusion is represented by Blend, the new collection of textile floorings that combines the excellence of traditional manufacturing with the modernity of the most contemporary design.

An exclusive line designed not to be observed but rather to narrate, to tell stories of ancient craft traditions that meet a future made of imaginative shades and seductive colors. The result? Textile floorings that embody the concept of uniqueness in every single piece.

As usual, Besana CarpetLab pays particular attention to the crucial aspect of customization. Unsurprisingly, Blend can be tailored on individual requirements, flawlessly embodying the taste, desires and multisensory reveries of each user. It is in this way that the carpet becomes the author’s surface, the protagonist of each space, the “flying carpet” of a fairytale that you can look at and touch.



Incredible and material in its essence, the collection seems to embody all the visual and tactile nuances of a multifaceted world that, like a diamond, offers different surfaces, shades, mixtures of colors. The textile flooring looks painted rather than woven. That is how sheer abstraction becomes palpable, narrative.

All the products included in the Blend collection are made with precious yarns, chosen for their innate ability to create the chromatic weaves that are the heart of the line. It is easy to understand where the unrepeatability of each piece comes from.

All customized, the rugs and textile floorings of the Blend collection fit in – not only in terms of aesthetics, but also dimensions – to satisfy all design specifications, transforming each space into a large designer canvas.

The choice of the color palette already tells you everything you need to know when it comes to the sensorial emotion that makes Blend the artistic collection par excellence: Phantom Blue, Magma, Khaki, Bright Gold. Stylistic and chromatic interpretations of a world that pulsates and breathes.


The safety and healthiness aspects of the materials are also taken in great consideration: the collection is entirely flame retardant and guarantees the absence of harmful emissions caused by volatile organic compounds.

Designed for multifaceted and transversal applications, the Blend collection adapts fluidly to any type of environment, from residential to contract, guaranteeing not only the irresistible charm of an unparalleled look, but also the resistance and high quality that are typical of all Besana CarpetLab solutions.