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Ducale Collection: regimental style becomes textile furnishing

16 July 2019

Ducale Collection is the new line of carpets by Besana Carpet Lab and, at the same time, also the natural evolution of the fantastic Milanese project by designer Cristina Celestino, titled Tram Corallo. The project, presented in collaboration with Besana Carpet Lab during the Milano Design Week 2018, starred the traditional Milanese tram as the main protagonist, but wholly reinterpreted in its interiors with refined and spiffy tailor-made carpeting.

The same customization, associated with the absolute manufacturing and stylistic quality that is so typical of the Besana brand, is now also at the foundation of the new collection.

The inspiration that led to the creation of Ducale Collection is unexpected and decidedly original: the concept is based on male cufflinks, intended as elements of style and classy accessories for the definition of an individual’s identity and personality. Always the object of very peculiar customizations, cufflinks are jewels for the wrist, here reinterpreted for the interior design industry and transformed into elements of textile furnishing that enhance all the charm of the graphics and geometries of the regimental style.

This is how Ducale presents a collection of rugs where inlays of different carpets coexist and stand out (from Diana to Grace, from Silk to Royal): eclecticism is the watchword, in a series of contrasts that join the concept of austere elegance. A neat and linear melting-pot made of original combinations of colors, different thicknesses and textures, for a unique textile experience.

Three are the types of carpets included in the collection, and they are all characterized by a great personality, different processes and sizes. Well-identifiable variants that are the result of the combination of diverse carpets, materials and chromatic contrasts, each studied in every detail. Particularly noteworthy is the golden-yellow seam that recalls the concept of men’s cufflinks: here it is used to enhance the edges and diagonal sections.

The customization is absolute, and the precision of the geometry that characterizes the collection now works in perfect synergy with wide-ranging creativity.