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How to ensure a long life to your carpet

20 March 2018

In order to ensure a long life to your carpet, it is essential to know how to take care of it properly.

In general, there is a golden rule that should never be forgotten and the probably goes a bit in the opposite direction of common belief: carpets should never be “manhandled” with bare hands! It may seem incredible, but this simple action can produce irreparable damage even to the most robust carpet and, therefore, will significantly shorten its durability.

To ensure that your carpet lasts over time it is important to carry out periodic, constant and above all proper maintenance interventions, both at home and with the help of professionals, if necessary.

First of all, the alternative to “beating” the carpet with your bare hands is simply represented by the use of a good-quality vacuum cleaner, or a classic carpet sweeper. To beat the carpet in the right way, you just have to place it, on its reverse side, on a raised surface, like a classic drying rack (if the weight of the carpet allows this action, obviously). You can apply this rule in maximum security, regardless of the preciousness of your carpet: it won’t get damaged.

The average lifespan of a carpet can be lengthened through the use of a good undercover net. The net has essentially three functions:

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of your carpet

The operations you need to carry out to guarantee a long life to your carpet can be divided into ordinary and extraordinary.

Ordinary maintenance operations imply, basically, the regular cleaning of the carpet. This can be done with the aid of a vacuum cleaner, which will remove the particles deposited on the surface, or with the support of a carpet cleaner. If your vacuum cleaner includes accessories such as brushes, remember to adjust them in accordance to the thickness of the carpet. Pay special attention to the edges of the carpet and be gentle while cleaning them, because they are one of the most critical areas of the product.

Also, remember that vacuuming has to take place with a dry carpet and without the presence of fresh stains.

As far as the extraordinary maintenance of a carpet is concerned, it can mainly take place in three ways – just in case, we suggest you to always check the booklet of your carpet and the instructions given by the manufacturer: