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Where should you use your textile flooring?

8 January 2018

Are you thinking about installing textile floorings in your rooms but you’re insecure about where to use it? Don’t worry: we are here to give you some pieces of advice!

First of all, it is important to stress out how textile flooring has been, quite recently, the protagonist of a real “rebirth”, becoming one of the main stars in the interior design industry. Textile flooring is, in fact, a real piece of furniture and, when it is manufactured with particular attention to quality, guarantees a great deal of benefits. Not only the rooms furnished with textile flooring look more intimate and comfortable, but they also promote the wellbeing of the people living the spaces, isolating them from uncomfortable temperatures and noise and ensuring the rooms a “material” magic guaranteed by softness.

However, it is important to understand that some rooms in the house are, more than others, particularly suitable for the installation of a textile flooring.

In addition to living rooms, textile flooring can be perfect for an interior staircase: if you live in a two-storey house, we suggest you to consider the installation of a textile flooring on staircase, creating a stylistic connection between various spaces through this specific architectural element.

The bedroom is another room that is perfect for the installation of a high-quality textile flooring: imagine touching the warm and soft surface with your bare feet, the luxury of being able to walk across the room in complete freedom, the feeling of a soft embrace every time you seek shelter in the privacy of your bedroom. Textile floorings are able to offer you all this, with the added benefit of giving character and personality to the room thanks to their colors and geometries.

Similarly, installing a textile flooring in the kids’ room could be quite an effective solution for the “protective” characteristic that is typical of this product: a child tumbling to the ground has a lower chance to hurting himself, if the floor is covered with a textile flooring that, by nature, cushions his fall.

Likewise, objects falling on a textile flooring rarely break apart. The same thing cannot be said about tiles, obviously!

It is however essential that, for the kids’ room – or for any room with a high degree of foot traffic or a high level of activity, or with a concrete risk of stains – that you choose a high-quality textile flooring. The product should be able to ensure a quick and effective cleaning, as well as a long resistance over time and an easy maintenance, regardless of the stress to which the textile flooring is submitted.

Finally, your textile flooring can also be placed in studios or libraries: as mentioned, wall-to-wall carpets have the ability of acoustically isolate the environment and, for this reason, they can be valid allies in rooms where silence and privacy must be guaranteed.

A final curiosity: the ability of heat insulation and heat retention of any textile flooring does not equate to overheating the space during summer or very hot days. It just does not happen: textile floorings do not absorb sunrays and therefore will not overheat the rooms when the temperature outside is very high.