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How to keep your textile flooring clean?

13 October 2017

A properly maintained textile flooring is designed to accompany you for a long time in the comfort of your home. Like any piece of furniture, even this element obviously has specific requirements – though not as many as you might think. A textile flooring of excellent quality, in fact, already offers a series of advantages (such as resistance, water repellency, non-deformability and so on) that contribute to decrease exponentially the level of maintenance.

However, what is certain is that anyone using a textile flooring at home knows that it needs to be kept clean.

How to achieve this result while ensuring the inalterability of the qualities that make our textile flooring so special?

The first step to keep your textile flooring clean simply consists in using the vacuum cleaner very often. With very often we mean two or three times a week. In this way, it will be quick and easy to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt in the fabric, which would be otherwise damaged both in terms of appearance and performance.

You can then proceed with the dry cleaning of the textile flooring, to revitalize the fabric and eliminate any mites. In order to do this, all you have to do, is to spread some bicarbonate over the entire surface of your textile flooring, let it absorb for a few minutes and then vacuum it. With a minimum investment and a very limited effort, you will also eliminate bad odors!

But what if you want to wash your textile flooring, instead? How can you proceed?

Carpet washing is an essential, periodic treatment aimed essentially at the elimination of any stains on the textile flooring. At the same time, this operation allows a better maintenance of specific areas of the textile flooring that are subjected to greater traffic.

To carry out a professional cleaning of your textile flooring, you can ask for the expertise and experience of specialized companies, which will operate not only using the best products, but also the most professional equipment such as pressure washers and scrubber-dryer machines.

If, on the other hand, you want to wash your textile flooring by yourself, it is essential to use special dry foams, which, once sprayed on the surface of the textile flooring, can be vacuumed with an absorbing action. Alternatively, your textile flooring can be brushed used a specific water and shampoo solution.

Our piece of advice: be careful not to impregnate the textile flooring too much! Also remember to let it dry thoroughly in order to prevent the formation of annoying molds.

Finally, to ensure an adequate cleaning of your textile flooring, we suggest you to contact the manufacturer. The company will provide you with all the necessary specifications to understand which interventions can really allow you to obtain the best result.