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To mark the Milano Design Week 2017, Elle Decor Italia presents the Elle Decor Concept Store, The New Shopping Experience at Palazzo Bovara from 3 to 28 April. A project with strongly innovative content on the world of retail applied to interior design.

  1. The project

“Shops are out, experiences are in” announced Forbes in January 2017.

The advance of digital and the exponential rise in the number of e-commerce businesses have also hit the retail sector: stores and boutiques need to find a new way for preserving their relationship with the consumer, as suggested by Future Concept Lab, which carried out the consumer insight survey for the project.

Elle Decor Italia, magazine with an international vocation and attentive catalyser of lifestyles, which since 1990 has closely followed evolution in the world of retail, today presents a new-gen store. In the installation in Palazzo Bovara the base elements that make a contemporary store stand out remain, but they have been completely reworked. The project imagines retail as somewhere analogical and digital meet up, where the physicality of the objects dialogues with the digital experience and where the consumer is a main player in the space, be it real or virtual. The store becomes a privileged place for information and experimentation, an occasion for meeting and socialising, suggesting a unique customer experience to visitors.

The visit to this installation, with exhibition design by GamFratesi, starts at Reception where visitors who register receive an interactive device for the collection of personalised information. Integrated with digital experiences curated by AKQA, the customer journey winds through a series of settings:

Invite, soft-touch showcases; Gallery, to be viewed through the holographic HoloLens glasses by Microsoft; Taste, a space for meeting and sharing over a coffee; Experience, for experimenting light with digital interaction; Feel, for discovering patterns and fabrics in a situation that borrows the immersive effect from art; Try, for trying on furnishings and accessories as if they were clothes in real changing rooms and Cabinet, for exploring with the Sayduck app. Relaxing breaks can be taken in the Restaurant and, outdoors, the Garden with café-bistro and bakery in the landscape setting designed by Marco Bay.

  1. The creators’ point of view

The project was backed by analysis carried out by Francesco Morace with Future Concept Lab for both the innovative border that runs through the trends of the domestic experience and those of retail distribution, and also the figure of the consumer. Already the stars of the investigation-book “ConsumAutori – i nuovi nuclei generazionali” published in 2016 (Egea), “consumers today are the real planners of their own consumer experience, very attentive to design thinking, which is a new to approach purchase,” emphasises Morace. “Their behaviour, attentive to the product, to the sales point project and storytelling, drives the design of innovative retail spaces where the borders between on and offline, between digital and analogic disappear. Today, this is an all-in experience.

The Elle Decor Concept Store proposal is part of this direction of integrated store/online system, a true laboratory of ideas and solutions.”

The installation was curated by GamFratesi, founded by the Dane Stine Gam and the Italian Enrico Fratesi, who describes the underlying idea like this: “We have analysed the relationship that comes about between visitor and the space, creating and reworking the traditional elements of the store. With the aim of giving a sensorial and evocative interpretation to suggest and invite a new experience where the visitor is the focus of the project. Showcases that provide information and tell stories, micro-architectures dedicated solely to testing the light, the private, secluded space of the changing room transported  into the world of design and furnishing are just some of the experiences we have included in this project. A message that does not focus merely on the purchase, but where the product, complete with the info acquired and personally tested, becomes interaction and action, story and context.”

This structure provides support for integration of the digital experience created by AKQA, the brand experience agency responsible for development of design interaction. Massimiliano Ventimiglia, the managing director says:

“The digital experiences we have designed help to eliminate barriers between retailers and people, to create familiarity with the objects on display and the space inside the store, to subjectively and empathically explain the products. But also to gather significant data about customer behaviour in the store in order to initiate dialogue and provide additional info about the product, share suggestions and advice from experts, allowing for customisation and at the same time to entertain, surprise and invite moments of fun.”

Marco Bay, the name behind the landscape design, has followed through several of the colours and elements from the interiors in his project for the in and out space: “In the courtyard, the garden is built around a special setting thanks to bamboo and wisteria with its lilac and dark purple flowers.

The pale green of the plants is teamed with giant bamboo canes, creating a suspended effect thanks to a series of pergolas and ideal structures around which the sinuous branches of the wisteria twine. Inside the store, in the Gallery, a collection of ferns, umbrella papyrus and common asparagus ferns form infinite shades of green, following the visitor throughout.”





Besana Moquette will be partner of  Design Show, a new exhibition by Roberto Semprini.

Like in a fashion show, inside the Ponte Rosso Gallery in the heart of Brera, very close to La Scala, theatrical costumes from an opera by Andrea Bocelli will appear to the public framed by sophisticated materials.

If at the “Teatro del Silenzio” those same clothes, made by Waste Recycling had a duet with Bocelli, in design show in Brera Design they will have a duet with the beautiful marble slabs by La Fabbrica. In the backstage will be possible to admire the precious Omnidecor glasses declined in 3D textures, as in kinetic art sculptures. On the wall, as a tribute to the artist Daniel Buren, will be made pictures of different dimentions with technological fabrics and materials by F.lli Giovanardi and Serge Ferrari.



Via Brera 2 – 20121 Milan / Galleria d’Arte Ponte Rosso

04 – 09 April 2017  10.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m.

Inauguration: 4 April 2017 –  06.00 p.m. – 09.00 p.m

Brera Design Night: 07 april 2017 – 06.00 – 09.00 p.m



(3S) X THd = three suites for TownHouse Duomo is an ethical and intelligent project that becomes the manifest of a new way of doing architecture, aimed at territorial and urban regeneration.
The design works are in fact achieved through the new modes that highlight the significant contributions of Italian industry, combining the need for visibility, creation of the dense concept of content and the ability to give strong value to the territories.

The great resources that are often invested in the temporary installations in this way gain double meaning, turning into the concrete tribute which architect Micheli and his prestigious selected partner – companies offer to the city.

Infact (3S) X THd  takes shape from the main willingness to go beyond the boundaries of the known reality so that authentic, unique, skilled in offering visitors experiences which can not happen anywhere else works, come true.

In fact the architect Simone Micheli creates, for the prestigious brand Townhouse Duomo Milan, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – one of the most exclusive hospitable places in the world – three suites with bathrooms characterized by their distinctive and fascinating set-up; spaces and other luxurious places to spend engaging moments of comfort, right in the center of the city of Milan.

Over the course of 2017 the suites become real, transforming itself into a work of permanent art, unique, experiential, to stay and live intense moments of well-being, inside theTownhouse Duomo.

During Fuorisalone 2017 (April 4-9) the concept of the (3S) X THd  is presented to the general public of the Design Week, at Simone Micheli Studio Gallery | Milano, via immersive installations of which the visitor becomes an integral and essential part.The person is actually catapulted into the project, having the possibility to move freely inside its virtual representation. Suddenly he is immersed in the refined  atmospheres of the TownHouse Duomo and through a real virtual tour strolling across the various areas that make up the suites and savor, with the mind, their beautiful being.

Besana Moquette will be a product partner of  this project:

Product selected by Simone Micheli:

–  SILK Rug Color 45 – Black, shaped like the letter “S” and “O”. Handmade

– Carpet ROYAL – LIVE IN Collection. Color: 45 – Black

Suite 1

The suite is refined and elegant with its basic and clean traits, receives a modern man in a completely different place, suspended and outside the traditional dimensions of space and time. In fact, the visitor crossing the threshold of entry is immersed in the surreal, soft atmosphere which inviting you to observe from above the surrounding world, away from the hustle and caos that characterize the current era. Neutral tones and colors juxtaposed with no strong contrast, giving the man an enveloping space dedicated to his welfare.


Suite 2

White pervading space is combined with bright colored furniture. The strong purple features on the walls scratch the pure and candidate soul of the space. The atmosphere is brought back to its primordial and ancestral origins. Graffiti invite the man to return and to heighten the intensity of the reflection on the cyclical nature of time and existence, opening to the visitors the doors of its eternal flow and allowing freedom of movement to his creative spirit.


Suite 3

The dynamic and irreverent traits characterize the environment of the third suite: the shapes of the furnishings are not conventional, the tonalities are vital, changing and glowing. Full and empty spots, lights and shadows, games of refractions and mirrors make the space never static and push the man to the movement and freedom of action. The atmosphere is ludic and energetic so that the visitor’s spirit lifted and placed at the center of a space created just for him.




Milan Design Week 2017: Before Design Classic lands at the Grand Hotel etDe Milan for anew significant stage of its journey towards the discovery of beauty.
Started in the summer of 2015, the path leading to Before Design Classic has been a journey full of emotions, experiences and encounters: a relentless pursuit amongst creative disciplines, between art, cinema, photography and fashion, aiming to innovate and amaze.

The destination of this journey was the great exhibition displayed last year at Milan Furniture Fair and marked by a dreamlike and surreal tension, occasionally insolent and often brave.

In occasion of the 2017 edition of Milan Design Week, Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda brought the concept of Before Design Classic into a real living place, enriched by its past and attention to details: the Grand Hotel et De Milan. The only 5 stars hotel keeping its independence from large hotel chains and managed with great enthusiasm, warmth and love by Daniela Bertazzoni who has been capable of preserving its original and unique atmosphere, a wealth of historical references yet contemporary at the same time.

A well-defined space with a strong character will be hosting a new way of living the object, an unconventional installation that is meant to be lived and not just admired. The hall of the Grand Hotel et De Milan, a meeting place par excellence, setting of endless overlapping stories will become the perfect stage framing the key concept of Before Design Classic – “tradition in the future – and the idea of a universal and timeless beauty, bringing alongside different contents from daily life, such as comfort and social relations.

The project by CQS Studio aims to promote amongst a diversified urban audience, essential pieces of furniture–from Annibale Colomboto, Gianni Seguso and Besana Moquette, from Provasi to Medea and Sigma L2, from ColomboMobili to Salda and Jumbo Collection, up to Fromental wallpapers and Rubelli fabrics, that will be framing the photographic work by Paolo Alberto Gatti from the set of the short film by Italian filmmaker MatteoGarrone.

Once again, Ciarmoli and Quedaare offering to the public an interpretation free of restrictions and deeply inspired by the ultimate concept of universal beauty enhanced by its fascinating settings.


During the Milan Design Week 2017 the architect Simone Micheli gives life to a new concept linked to the world of hospitality, promotion and presentation of the innovative approaches of which this field is the spokesman and a manifest.

Within the strategic location of via Massimiano 6 / via Sbodio 9 – Lambrate Zone takes shape an exhibition aimed with curious and attentive eye to imagine future scenarios which will characterize the world of hospitality.
It offers a careful and thorough overview of the current change leading to the substantial increase experienced by the field of extra-hotel hospitality in the last few years: 4 models of serviced apartments, for 4 different destinations (art, business, sea, mountains) will be dedicated to 4 international entrepreneurs of this innovative service, highlighting the qualities,characteristics and innovations from the point of view of the content as long as lexical.



Besana Moquette will be a product partner of  this project:

Product selected by Simone Micheli:

–  SILK Rug Color 81 – Grey and Color 24- Anthracite, special cross shape with round corners Handmade

– Carpet ROYAL – LIVE IN Collection. Color: 45 – Black

Then through the strategic and original implementation, there will be clarified in the eyes of the public the real needs the guest wants to see fulfilled when deciding to benefit of a new way of stay aimed to socializing, sharing of experience and contact with the real life that each place offers its visitors.

The apartments are imagined as comfortable and welcoming spaces, smart and interactive places, real homes in daily life. However, they are also equipped with essentials for the guest whom relates to the unknown environment for the first time, from which wishes to feel welcomed and well received.

The spaces take on different forms and functionalities based on the different types of users, but thanks to a high-level technology and quality equipment, they are capable to modulate the answers offered based on the diversified needs related to the 4 hypothetical scenarios.


Following on from Before Design: Classic, Ciarmoli Queda Studio’s project dedicated to exploring the concept of the classic presented at the 55th Salone del Mobile di Milano, for the 2017 event the pair will bedelving into at the world of contemporary design in their inimitably original, unusual and exciting approach.

The result is DeLightFuL(Pav. 15),a visual and sensory exploration of everyday living and the contemporary space, reflecting on the new generations and investigatingthe new ways in which they live in and conceive the domestic space: fluid and cross-cutting, a balance between technology and archetypal living, between public and private, between basic needs and new desires in a bid to achieve creativity and overturn the traditional subdivisions into functional areas.

This approach to living beyond borders in a transitory and shared lifestyle is reality for the under-36 year oldMillennials, who today represents a quarter of the world’s population.Before the Millennials, nobody ever considered living space as a flexible and temporary configuration capable of changing rapidly to meet changing needs, requirements and life stages, in a generation that feels equally at ease in Milan or New York, living ever-more mobile lives inside and outside the four walls of the home. The always-connected Millennials are the generation of “me” and of social sharing. Surrounded by design, well informed and with well-defined tastes, they seek personalisationand shun standardisation; they care about quality, and have a concept of luxury that revolves around “experience and authenticity”. This increasingly widespread trend is something that we may define as “primitive luxury”.

Primitive luxury” is a design approach that strikes a balance between today and tomorrow; it is an evolution of the response to authentic, essential and primordial needs expressed through a richness of precious and recherché materials, seductive forms, and warm, welcoming solutions.

Contemporary living has changed how we live,” say Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda. “Technology plays a key role as space moulds itself to respond to human beings’ needs, and yet our vital requirements have not changed: people continue to eat and sleep and sit down round tables. This realisation prompted us to come up with contemporary scenarios in an imaginative world suspended between the real, virtual and subject to rapid change, with the goal of achieving an overview of the multiple facets of everyday life”.

Technology,design and lighting are the common threads that run through their approach to the vital, complementary and necessary way in which we define contemporary living and its essential spaces today. Design, Light, Future and Living are the four key concepts that, together, make up DeLightFuL, a word that guides and expresses all of the event/exhibit’s forms and content.



The DeLightFuL space offers a highly engaging visual and sensorial itinerary right on the Fair site in its pavilions.

Contemporary living is defined by an architectural and poetic use of light, its ability to influence the perception of space and create a dynamic and ever-evolving environment, and its use

as a theatrical element capable of outlining spaces and evoking atmospheres. Magical lighting effects will create a sort of metaphysical nest, an intimate world that, although imaginary and virtual, ensures security and serenity for those who inhabit it.

A vast selection of furnishings tells the story of contemporary design, transformed into one-off pieces through unusual combinations of materials, fabrics, treatments and colours that create high-impact installations. A series of doors provides catalysing gateways to change, leading to different spaces and a rediscovery of a renewed space for us to call home. The venture focuses very much on colour for its playful, passionate and irreverent expression of contemporary living and a new freedom of expression.

A short filmd’auteur directed by Matteo Garrone forms an integral part of the project, offering a different view of the world of design by moving in a reality both tangible and illusory in a work of fantasy atmospheres and natural storytelling.

The stars of the show will be the many companies and brands taking part: Alias, Arper, Artemide, Besana, Brun De Vian Tiran, Cini&Nils, C&C Milano, Ceccotti, De Padova, Dedar, Driade, Edra, Extenzo, Fiam, Flexform, Flos, Flou, FontanaArte, Foscarini, Giorgetti, Glas Italia, Kartell, Kundalini, Lema, Living Divani, Luceplan, Magis, MartinelliLuce, Mdf Italia, Meritalia, Minotti, Molteni&C, Moroso, Oluce, Penta, Poliform, Poltrona Frau, Rimadesio, Slide, SchönhuberFranchi, FusioniD’Arte 3v, VetrerieEmpoli and Zanotta.