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(3S) X THd by Simone Micheli

28 March 2017


(3S) X THd = three suites for TownHouse Duomo is an ethical and intelligent project that becomes the manifest of a new way of doing architecture, aimed at territorial and urban regeneration.
The design works are in fact achieved through the new modes that highlight the significant contributions of Italian industry, combining the need for visibility, creation of the dense concept of content and the ability to give strong value to the territories.

The great resources that are often invested in the temporary installations in this way gain double meaning, turning into the concrete tribute which architect Micheli and his prestigious selected partner – companies offer to the city.

Infact (3S) X THd  takes shape from the main willingness to go beyond the boundaries of the known reality so that authentic, unique, skilled in offering visitors experiences which can not happen anywhere else works, come true.

In fact the architect Simone Micheli creates, for the prestigious brand Townhouse Duomo Milan, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – one of the most exclusive hospitable places in the world – three suites with bathrooms characterized by their distinctive and fascinating set-up; spaces and other luxurious places to spend engaging moments of comfort, right in the center of the city of Milan.

Over the course of 2017 the suites become real, transforming itself into a work of permanent art, unique, experiential, to stay and live intense moments of well-being, inside theTownhouse Duomo.

During Fuorisalone 2017 (April 4-9) the concept of the (3S) X THd  is presented to the general public of the Design Week, at Simone Micheli Studio Gallery | Milano, via immersive installations of which the visitor becomes an integral and essential part.The person is actually catapulted into the project, having the possibility to move freely inside its virtual representation. Suddenly he is immersed in the refined  atmospheres of the TownHouse Duomo and through a real virtual tour strolling across the various areas that make up the suites and savor, with the mind, their beautiful being.

Besana Moquette will be a product partner of  this project:

Product selected by Simone Micheli:

–  SILK Rug Color 45 – Black, shaped like the letter “S” and “O”. Handmade

– Carpet ROYAL – LIVE IN Collection. Color: 45 – Black

Suite 1

The suite is refined and elegant with its basic and clean traits, receives a modern man in a completely different place, suspended and outside the traditional dimensions of space and time. In fact, the visitor crossing the threshold of entry is immersed in the surreal, soft atmosphere which inviting you to observe from above the surrounding world, away from the hustle and caos that characterize the current era. Neutral tones and colors juxtaposed with no strong contrast, giving the man an enveloping space dedicated to his welfare.


Suite 2

White pervading space is combined with bright colored furniture. The strong purple features on the walls scratch the pure and candidate soul of the space. The atmosphere is brought back to its primordial and ancestral origins. Graffiti invite the man to return and to heighten the intensity of the reflection on the cyclical nature of time and existence, opening to the visitors the doors of its eternal flow and allowing freedom of movement to his creative spirit.


Suite 3

The dynamic and irreverent traits characterize the environment of the third suite: the shapes of the furnishings are not conventional, the tonalities are vital, changing and glowing. Full and empty spots, lights and shadows, games of refractions and mirrors make the space never static and push the man to the movement and freedom of action. The atmosphere is ludic and energetic so that the visitor’s spirit lifted and placed at the center of a space created just for him.



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