Are you looking for your own color?Search by color

Are you looking for your own color?Search by color

In 1935 W. Benjamin wrote
“In the age of technical reproducibility the work of art loses its sacral aura”.

The great changes happening in that historical period gave birth to deep thoughts about humans possibility of expression especially focusing on tools that modernity offered.
Industry and new media promoted the serial reproducibility of the object which, after the first ugly attempts to imitate the glorious past, put its attention on beauty, becoming the manifesto of a new aesthetics and defining its constitution.

Since that moment the peculiar line tracing the border between art and design became thiner, enigmatic and less clear. Contemporary history of art is full of material concreteness and presence of objects, the design one is characterized by unique works who are born from the refusal of serial production.

Simone Micheli Architect will perform, from the 5th to 10th of December , at Galerie Carrè Dorè in Principality of Monaco, an exhibition which will expose these principles and that, taking to extreme the contemporary design concept, will offer to the public a different vision of it, linked with luxury dimension.

The growth of the contrast among art and design will be expressed by a peculiar and detailed selection of paradigmatic works.
Different unique objects originally signed by Simone Micheli will liven the visual show

Besana Moquette has created for this special occasion LETTER “A” CARPET:


This first and exclusive exhibition is the first step of a path which celebrates his design, offering its iconic and original thought to collectors and exclusivity’s lovers.
Visitors will be merged into an overview of functional forms and they will live a deeply emotional and involving experience.