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11 April 2016


Milan, April 2016. On the occasion of the 2016 Salone del Mobile, Elle Decor Italia,
a monthly magazine published by Hearst Magazines Italia, directed by Livia Peraldo Matton, is presenting a new installation project about contemporary living in the Palazzo Bovara: “Soft Home. Interiors and Digital Experience”. The title of the exhibition refers
 to the double meaning of the word soft, as an abbreviation for Soft-Tech, but also Softness as
an attribute of a welcoming, soft and comfortable home. Visitors will walk through interiors enlivened by sophisticated technology that’s user-friendly, intuitive but not intrusive. Soft Home offers a positive interpretation of how technology can aid interpersonal relationships, allow people to discover new possibilities for entertainment, facilitate daily life and foster beauty and well-being.

Visitors are greeted by an indoor Home Garden and can walk through rooms with evocative names such as the Inspired Living-room (associated with the idea of digital art collection),
the Ringing Gallery (where you can hear the sound of the materials), the Dreamy Bedroom
(with flash-backs on the owners’ day and with an obliging wardrobe that offers suggestions for a personalized look), the Dainty Bathroom (with a talking mirror) and the Crunchy Kitchen (a real kitchen with virtual menus). The Portrait Gallery, displaying objects and furnishings through images by famous photographers, is also a must.

For the entire duration of the exhibition, an open-air drawing-room will be set up in the courtyard, with designer furniture overlooking the interior garden, offering the public a chance to get together and enjoy a relaxing break, with a bar facility.

softhome_01 (1)

Besana Moquette is one of the SOFT HOME technical partner.
SILKPrestige Collection, DIANA and CRYSTALLive In Collection are the floor coverings selected in order to create a real soft experience.


The Soft Home concept is a home where people feel at their ease, where the day to day actions that we’ve always performed in the past, and will always perform in future, can yield enhanced functions through the use of technology, so that “staying at home is the new going out” – as the latest saying goes – with the focus on well-being and feeling in harmony with our domestic space. The exhibition will be an opportunity for experiential learning about innovative trends in living, whether here already or still to come. It will explore the infinite applications for high-end technologies within a lifestyle design project that takes account of the limitations of pre- existing architecture, providing a chance to reflect on the idea of domesticity in a world where 24 hour connectivity is a key feature, and seeking to attract a large public interested in interior design and lifestyle for today and tomorrow. With the help of an immersive installation project, it takes the form of a socio-cultural itinerary through themes of contemporary living which visitors can follow with complete autonomy, with a wealth of information, stimuli and active fact-finding experiences, thanks to animated video images and interactive installations (curated by Francesca Molteni/Muse – Factory of Projects and Davide Rapp, Mogees and Essència).

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Digital Experience

The digital experience will be active online by means of an integrated on-off-live platform that includes the dedicated exhibition website on Tumblr (, where users can view the rooms and objects in the Soft Home, and the publication of the content on Instagram. Through these digital experiences, Elle Decor Italia will offer the public a range of content before and after their visit, to integrate and expand their experience so that they can get the most out of it.

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Location The immersive itinerary, full of experiential surprises, takes visitors through the rooms of Palazzo Bovara, a neoclassical building in Corso Venezia 51 where Stendhal stayed in the 19th century, and which was restored by Piero Portaluppi after the Second World War.

Opening times and inauguration The inauguration ceremony for the Soft Home exhibition will be on 11 April at 12.00 in Palazzo Bovara. The exhibition will be open from 11 to 24 April 2016, entrance free of charge.

Opening times:

Monday 11 April 15.00 — 20.00
Tuesday 12 — Sunday 17 April 10.00 — 20.00
Monday 18 — Sunday 24 April 9.00 — 19.00

Palazzo Bovara
 Corso Venezia, 51 — Milan



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